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Krush Music & Audio

Sound Design
Krush Creative's team of talented sound designers can create original, distinctive sound for your projects. We design sound for internet, commercials, film, television, games, animation, and more.

Great sound design is rarely the main focus of any kind of visual media, but any good scene, animation, or visual sequence cannot live without it. It comes from experimentation and collaboration, whether it's production sound extracted from sound rolls, archival recordings used from our vast library, or custom sound created especially for you.

Industrial sound design (i.e. creating an audio component for your product or business) is fast becoming an integral part of the industrial design process- both for it's aesthetic qualities as well as helping savvy businesses stand out in today's mass culture. Our creative team can help you design the audio signature that will brand your product or business. We take ideas from concept to completion, and always produce audio solutions that fit the identity of your business.

Scoring music to picture, be it for your website, commercial, film, television show, or game, is one of Krush's musical strengths. Composing to picture involves writing and arranging the music, contracting the players, recording the music, and overseeing the mixing and post production process. Composing truly offers a unique challenge, because a great music soundtrack can really make a project, but a weak music soundtrack, or the lack of a music soundtrack, can really ruin the mood of any visual clip. Ever seen a scary horror movie without sound? Not the same, right?

Krush's composers are trained in all musical backgrounds, including classical, world, jazz, americana, electronica, and rock, and can compose the music for whatever style your project might need.

Sound-alike recordings have been used in movie soundtracks and radio and television commercials since their origin, while sound-alike artists have long recorded jingles and other musical material for commercial use. Ever wanted to use a popular song for your commercial, website, tv show, or film, but did not have the budget to license the original recording? Sound-alikes are your answer. Krush's music team are highly trained musicians and audio engineers that can analyze, transcribe, and finally reproduce a song from any genre with the realm of popular music.

Voice Over
Does your commercial, on-hold music, or video need Voice Over? Krush can provide the talent, recording, and editing of all of your Voice Over needs.

Need Voice Over combined with a bed of music? No problem - Krush can take care of the whole package, from recording and composing, to post-production and implementation in your video.



VO Recording $225/hr
Music Recording or Editing $225/hr
Mixing $225/hr
Mixing to Picture $295/hr
ADR Editing $255/hr
Video Editing $260/hr
Digital Backups $ 45/hr
Sound-Alike Recordings $2500/song
Existing Library Music – Non-Broadcast $195/cue
Existing Library Music – Web Use $325/cue
Blanket License Broadcast/Resale TBD



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