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The Krush team is committed to minimizing our environmental footprint both collectively and as individuals. We strive to conserve resources today while leaving a positive environmental legacy for future generations.

Specifically, Krush aims to conserve electricity, water and the ecosystem, to reduce greenhouse emissions, to minimize waste, and inspire consciousness in support of environmental sustainability.

To that end, Krush regularly reviews our environmental policy and practices, making adjustments as required in an effort to continually improve upon our green commitment.

The following summarizes our practices and behaviors as they apply to this policy and commitment:

Energy Conservation

All overhead office lighting is controlled by automatic sensors and turn off automatically after 10 minutes of human inactivity. In addition, Krush uses area/task lighting in our lounge with lamps installed with energy efficient bulbs.

Our HVAC units are programmed to maintain a 72 degree working environment between the hours of 8:00AM and 6:00PM Monday through Friday. The units are off at all other times but can be manually overridden if required in 30 minute increments. Blinds for windows most impacted by the sun are kept closed at peak daylight hours to minimize warming effects, thereby conserving HVAC use.

As a matter of practice, computers and monitors are turned off at the end of each workday.

Copiers and printers cycle off automatically after pre-set intervals of inactivity.

Water Conservation

Krush offices feature low-flow toilets, and water is heated using on-demand, at-the-source heating units. Our facility does not have a conventional water heater.


Krush recycles all allowable materials including plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, paper, plastic goods and more.

Krush utilizes only recognized and permitted sources for disposing of electronic waste.

Old batteries, mobile phones and related items are taken to recycling centers.

Empty toner cartridges are disposed of through authorized vendor programs.

Office Supplies

Krush uses recycled paper for our in-house printing and copying needs.

Employees have access to filtered water and are encouraged to use refillable bottles that are supplied by the company. 16 oz bottled water is, however, kept on-hand for Krush guests.

Business Cards

Krush business cards are printed on FSC paper using soy-based inks.


Krush makes every effort to work with suppliers who are committed to green policies and sustainability.


Krush regularly advises our clients on green options for printing, merchandising, trade show materials, events and other projects as applicable.

Krush invoices all clients electronically and accepts auto deposits to reduce paper handling.



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